who we are

Committed to Success

At Duncan Real Estate, we understand the difficulties of navigating through a very tough market. Whether you are a first time home buyer, a seasoned investor, or just want to browse and get a feel for what you can afford, we can help you find the keys to your new home.

Having been around to witness and work through 2 housing bubble and busts we know how to help you locate, analyze and close on the best properties Colorado and California have to offer. If you are unsure what the next step is, let us help you on your journey towards a piece of the American dream.

our history

  • 2014 -
    The Denver, Duncan Real Estate office is up and running and we are exploring new listings and new investment opportunities with both Residential and Commercial Owners and buyers seeking properties in the great state of Colorado
  • 2012 -
    The Housing market shows signs of continued improvement especially in the San Francisco Bay Area so we opened an office in Denver and began to expore the relatively unscathed Denver real estate market
  • 2009 - 2011
    As the Market shows signs of a pulse, Duncan real estate began to pick up speed and new buyers and interest in the San Francisco/Bay Area market but it proved to still be very difficult to convince buyers to return to the closing table and to the market in general...
  • 2009 -
    Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes nascetur ridiculus.
  • 2008 -
    The Market continues to worsen and on its way to collapse. Homeowners that were overextended due to phenonemal interest rates and teaser rates were beginning to feel the sting of foreclosure. Almost impossible to get any buyers to the closing table and We began to offer more pro-bono services centered around Short Sales, REO and Foreclosures.
  • 2007 -
    Duncan Real Estate opens at the very worst time, just before the Real Estate market and the underlying economy collapses. This is when we cut our teeth on foreclosures, REO and short sale properties. Many homeowners were underwater and we gave them assistance in working with banks or sell their homes and negotiate with the banks directly. Tons of this work was done Pro-Bono. .

Job Opportunities

Looking to staff our Colorado Office.

Whether you are interested in hanging your license in Califorina or Colorado, We offer training, materials, and a 80/20 commission split to brokers with 2 years + experience. We offer competitive commission splits with new agents/brokers and offer discounted training and testing materials and incentives...We guarantee you'll pass your exam and we'll do our best to help you build and achieve your dreams in real estate.

Colorado Agents, Brokers or prospects..get ready to ride the wave of Denver real estate. The market is growing and it's time to get your feet wet or get back into the game. Give us a call or shoot us an email. We are not the big guys which makes us unique. We can provide a small family of support and success. If you want to work for the big guys...go for it..you'll have an amazing experience and perhaps a great career...if you want something different give us a call..what have you got to lose......Find your niche.

the Best of Professionals

Angela Duncan

Angela is our Colorado administrative assistant and our ambassador to all transactions Colorado. She would be your first contact in our office in Denver...

Abby Bennett

Abby is our long term Northern California administrative assistant currently studying to become a real estate agent in San Francisco

Chandra Patrick

Chandra is our Southern California Associate broker who only works with luxury and million dollar plus properties..she is the one to call when you are looking for the absolute best

Mark Johnson

Mark is our San Francisco Office Property Manager. He manages most of the Bay area as his territory and is managing several properties for our investors.